Auto Attendant Script Examples
Please modify the script the way you like it and send it back to us for production

Example 1

Thank you for calling (Company Name).
Please select from the following menu options.
For Customer Support, press 1.
For Sales and Product Information, press 2.
For Human Resources, press 3.
For Accounts Payable, press 4.
To reach the operator, press 0.
To repeat this menu, press star.

Example 2

Thank you for calling (Company Name).
We strive to help companies just like yours navigate change in the technology world.
To better assist you, please select from one of the following menu options.
For technical support, please press 1.
For billing and payment assistance, press 2.
To get more info on how (Company Name) can help your business, press #.

Example 3

Hello and welcome, you have reached (Company Name).
To support and expedite your request please select from the following options:
For John Doe, press 1
For Jane Doe, press 2
For John Smith, press 3
For current or pending product order support, press 4 and you will be connected to customer service.
Thank you for choosing (Company Name).

Example 4

Thank you for calling (Company Name).
If you know your party’s extension, you may dial it at any time.
For a directory by employee name, please press 1 and say the name of the person you are trying to reach.
To reach an operator, please press 0.
If you would like to leave a message in our general voicemail, please press * and someone will return your call shortly.

Example 5

Welcome to (Company Name) – The First Solar Company.
Please listen carefully as our menu options have changed.
For residential sales, please press 1
For installer and integrator sales, press 2
For product questions or technical support, please press 3
If you have a question about an existing order, or for any other customer service inquiries, press 4.
If you are a current supplier, please press 5.
If you are a freight carrier and need to schedule a delivery appointment, press 6
All other calls, press 7.
For a dial by name directory press the # button.

Example 6

Welcome to (Company Name), your first choice for the very best Mechanical Design & Engineering.
If you know your parties 3-digit extension, you may enter it at any time during this message.
To speak with one of our Sales Representatives, please press 2,
For Customer Service, press 3,
For Technical Development, press 4,
To leave a message in the general mailbox, press 5.
Thank you for calling, and don’t forget to visit us on the web at

Example 7

Thank you for calling (Company Name) participant service center.
This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.
If you know the extension of the representative you are trying to reach, you may dial it at any time.
Para Español marque uno.
If you are having trouble logging into your account and need your password reset, or if this is your first time logging into your account, please press 2.
If you are calling to inquire about your account balance, including if you would like to know how much is available for withdrawal, press 3.
If you are calling about a withdrawal, press 4.
If you are calling to inquire about a loan from your account, press 5.
For all other inquiries, press 6.
To hear these menu options again, press star.

Example 8

Thank you for calling the Administrative offices (Company Name).
If you know your party’s extension, you may dial it at any time or for a Company Directory please press 9.
For our office locations, telephone and fax information, please visit our website at
For payment and billing questions, press 3.
For accounting, press 4.
For payroll and HR, press 5.
For physician credentialing, press 6.
To reach Jane Smith, our Executive Director, press 7.
To reach John Doe, our Administrative Assistant, press 0.
To hear these options again, press the star key.
Thank you.

Example 9

Thank you for calling (Company Name), the leaders in water conservation and plumbing fixtures.
Please listen carefully as our menu options have recently changed.
If you know your party’s extension, you may dial it at any time.
To dial by name please press #
If you are Wholesaler, Distributor or Reseller of our products, press 1
If you have purchased one of our products and require assistance, press 2
For customer service, parts or technical assistance, press 3
For accounts payable, press 4
For accounts receivable, press 5
For technical support or customer service on our showerheads, press 6
To repeat these options, press *

Example 10

Thank you for calling (Company Name) Urgent Care.
If this is a medical emergency, please hang up and dial 911.
For detailed information about our clinic locations, directions, hours of operation and services provided, please visit us on the web at
For billing inquiries, please press 1.
To speak with someone in one of our clinics in Palm Beach County, press 2.
In Broward County, press 3.
In Miami Dade County, press 4.
Or in Indian River County, press 5.
To hear these options again, press 9 or stay on the line.