Features and Advantages

Discover the variety of our extensive set of tools, features, and system advantages.

Mobility Features

Voicemail to Email and Online Voicemail Access
Mobile Softphone and Communication Hub
Call Forwarding and Scheduled Forwarding
Simultaneous Ringing
Call Park

Business Identity Features

Business SMS from Anywhere
Toll-Free Numbers
Multiple Numbers for Ad Campeigns
Greetings Customization and Voice Library
Customizable Outbound Caller ID

Productivity Features

Inbound Caller ID and Call Screening
Call Blocking and Call Filtering
Text Messages Blocking
Hunt Groups, Queues, and Automatic Call Distribution
Call Recording

Inbound Calling Features

Multiple Hold Tunes
Queue Notifications, Call Backs, and Threshold Routing Options
Message Scheduler
Caller-ID Routing
Direct Inward Dialing (Personal Ten-Digits Numbers)

Administration Features

Advanced Analytics and Reports
Full ACD Control
PBX Manager

REST API - POST Requests

Operator Extension Modification
PBX Calling Card
Virtual Fax Machine
Send and Receive SMS/MMS messages from Google Chrome

Customer Service Features

Customizable Wrap-Up Delay
Call-Waiting Cues
Transfer to Voicemail
Automatic Voicemail Archiving
Voicemail Pickup