Partner Program

PrimeCall channel partners earn an attractive recurring commission while avoiding to deal with the heavy burden of billing the customers themselves. PrimeCall, a partner that matters.


Time saving

Converseline services save long waiting times on voice communication systems with extension menus.
Converseline services allow mobile communication and access anywhere by setting up calls between your phone and mobile.
Converseline services save customers' waiting times by adding built-in voicemails to the system.


Saves Money

Converseline services save telephony switchboard purchase costs that prevent flexibility and simple mobile capabilities
Converseline services allow international calls at very low cost per call
Converseline services include the ability to add and lower extensions to save on unused extensions


Manpower saving

While the physical phone system needs to be installed and maintained regularly,
cloud business phone service do not need to allocate personnel specifically. Converseline allow for significant electricity savings as well as for workers who install and maintain the phone system.

How does the Converseline work for you?

  • Full access to the office from anywhere and at any hour.
  • Efficient routing of calls.
  • Advanced information security
  • Call, record and call archive management.
  • Conference calls
  • Filtering calls
  • Visible or covert listening to employees and sales representatives for service or training, control and training.
  • Smart queue management with convenient waiting circles for customer well-being.
  • Full control of activity reports, call history, invoices and more.
  • Fax and messaging services.
  • An option to provide advanced IP phones or adapters for analog devices.
  • Friendly management panel, which provides periodic reports on switchboard activity, number of calls, call targets and more.

Dive into Unified Communications universe through Desktop App

Other Benefits and Features:

  • An extension is available anywhere and anytime.
  • Cheap monthly payment tailored to customer needs.
  • Cloud call recordings for all branches call management interface and detail.
  • Route calls with no IVR limit.
  • Hold music at no cost (customer responsibility record).
  • Mobile application Softphone – Receiving and taking out calls from the extension via PC, IOS and Android devices
  • Click 2 Call – You can dial directly from the web browser or from Outlook.
  • Fax2Mail service, Web2Fax
  • Multi-user conference rooms.
  • Advance CallerID for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Each extension includes a voicemail at no cost (possible upon cancellation at customer’s request)
  • Virtual office is available 24/7 so when you disconnect an office or power outage – the calls will be diverted to mobile / supplemental extension.
  • Integration into various CRM software and more.

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