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You don’t have to be a communication expert to make the switch. Watch the video and see how easy it is to get set up with PBXcellent.

Cutting Edge Phones

Our high performance IP phones complement our cloud PBX system to offer the best broadband communication experience. They are sleek and functional, letting users enjoy the full extent of PBX features directly from the phone as well as from their computer or mobile devices.


With virtually unlimited scalability and geographical flexibility, hosted PBX is the most adaptable communications solution for your business. It can accommodate any business size and grow with it organically simply by upgrading the service plan. Absolutely no additional equipment, wiring, or patching is needed when expanding.

Analytics & Reports

Our high performance IP phones complement our cloud PBX system to offer the best broadband communication experience. They are sleek and functional, letting users enjoy the full extent of PBX features directly from the phone as well as from their computer or mobile devices.


Hosted PBX gives you a robust platform with advance features to choose from at lower prices. It’s more reliable and cost effective than traditional phone systems, with savings at every aspect – no costly infrastructure, no expensive technicians and maintenance, and of course lower monthly bills.


Hosted PBX is integrated in the cloud for a completely unified, linked experience. Initiate all forms of communications from one elegant interface and enjoy full access to messages, records, archives, call details, statistics, and reports in one convenient account.


PBX is completely portable and goes where you go, without sacrificing reliability or ease of use. Provide remote, overseas, and satellite employees fully connectivity with all the features and access available at your central office.

Loaded With Features

Get the advanced features you need, including call trees, conferencing and queues, without paying advanced prices. And you won’t miss out – as new features become available, they get automatically added.

Stay connected with unified communications

Hosted in the cloud, PBXcellent can easily link to different offices and employees around the globe. Keep business operations streamlined and keep customers calling.


Keep team members in the loop with our easy to use conferencing feature. You’ll be able to see who’s on the call, when they joined, and their status. Even add or remove members and stay secure with password protection.


Go mobile with PBXcellent! Not only can you take our service on the road, but we also offer SMS/Text messaging to make communication as adaptable as you are. Never miss a message or a call


Instead of struggling with clunky equipment, you can take advantage of our cloud-based PBX featuring the latest crystal clear audio VoIP technology. It’s flexible, scalable, interacts with other apps, and runs on your existing broadband infrastructure.


Traditional phone lines can only handle rudimentary low quality video transmission. Telebroad’s VoIP protocol on the other hand will give you high quality video connections between any users on your network or similarly capable clients.


Say goodbye to messy toners, paper waste, and expensive fax repairs. Telebroad’s PBXcellent features complete digital faxing capabilities. Send faxes directly from any program or email. Received faxes are automatically archived in the cloud for improved access and organization.


Forget what you know about traditional voicemail. Telebroad’s cloud voicemail is completely configurable and accessible from any computer, IP phone, or mobile device anywhere in the world.

Management Portal

Our powerful management portal gives you the oversight and control you need. Review call history, manage users, and access reporting functions at any time from anywhere. You can also always assign administrator functionality to any of your employees giving them access to features you delegate.

User Friendly

The portal’s user friendly interface features drag-and-drop functionality and clean design. It keeps managers and employees productive no matter what task they need to complete.

Complete Perspective

Monitor account activity and know what your employees are doing in real time to ensure optimal responsiveness to clients. You can even provide employees with audio guidance or completely take over conversations when needed.

Custom Settings

With a custom built phone system, we make sure that you get all the features that you require. We give you the power and access to fully manage and customize your phone system as you see fit.

Robust Control Panel

Accessible online anywhere, our control panel allows you to manage calls, employees and locations with a simple yet capable interface.

Analytics & Reporting

Get the data you need to effectively manage your employees with our detailed analytics and reporting tools. Review extension summaries, call detail records, active calls, unreturned calls, and more!

Real-Time Intelligence

Access real-time intelligence to instantly identify and resolve issues with bottlenecks, response times, productivity, and overflow.


A hosted PBX IP phone looks the same as the office phone you are used to, just with less wires and with more capabilities. It uses your existing broadband connection, requiring no additional wiring. It is more intuitive to operate and customizable. Advanced IP phones nowadays come with touch screens making them as easy to use as your smartphone.