A platform for call centers like no other

Learn why PRIMECALL sets industry benchmarks

Get advanced communication technology that’s custom built for your business, scalable and impressively user friendly. No other system provides unlimited flexibility and superior 24/7 support – all without high phone bill, bulky hardware or constant maintenance. Our system is engineered to be the best. Its not PBX. Its PrimeCall.


Eliminate redundant multiple lines and put your entire remote workforce on the same phone system as your office staff. Enjoy the flexibility to add or remove employees and extensions for any reason, anywhere, on any device. At Telebroad, our system works with you and your employees wherever you are.


Increase your profit and lower your overhead. The PrimeCall system is entirely hosted in the cloud, meaning there aren’t any hardware or network maintenance fees or need to keep a dedicated technical telephony stuff. You save instantly by ditching complex contracts and multiple lines in favor of your existing broadband connection and straightforward service plans. Enjoy superior on-call customer service and support and a vast selection of options, without paying extra.


Switching to PrimeCall comes with minimal hassle or loss of productivity. We will have your new system set up and deployed without affecting your daily operations or incurring any significant downtime. Even better, our onboarding team will help you determinate the best deployment options for your company – from choosing the right phones to configuring firewalls.


Dynamic work environment requires a matching dynamic communication solution. When you have a team that works remotely, goes on the road, as well as come into the office, you need a communications system that that can provide that flexibility. PrimeCall does that and more. Our unified system works where you do, no matter how large or small your company is.


Businesses nowadays can’t rely only on voice calls as many customers prefer to communicate in a variety of methods. Telebroad’s multichannel system offers all modern communication options. Interact with your customers through email, chat, eFaxes, business SMS messages, and even HD quality IP voice technology.

End To End Support


Our simple deployment procedure makes for an easy transition. We ensure that you get the right phones and that you’re completely setup and ready to go in no time.

Unlimited Support

Our tech support is unrivaled. Experts are available 24/7 without any cap or limitations. If you need us, we’ll always be there for you. We outperform traditional phone companies support on every level – giving you the peace of mind you deserve without the cost or long wait times.