This page lists the week offs for that particular tenant. When there is a week off, the extensions would not be able to make an outbound call, and incoming calls will be handled as per the settings of individual extensions. If there is no setting in an extension, then call would go to that extension.

This page has just one section listing the days which are declared as week offs.


Adding a week off –

To add a new week off , click on the ‘Add weekoff’ button above the grid. It will open a pop-up form as shown below.


Editing a week off –

To edit a week off, it can be edited by clicking the field, which will open a pop up. Make required changes and click on the check mark button to save the changes.

Deleting a week off –

To delete a particular week off, click the little red icon for that week off in the grid. It will delete the week off.