Voice & IM Broadcast

This page lists out the Voice & IM Broadcast that are created. Voice & IM Broadcast service can broadcast Voice & message to added extensions.

The page it is divided into two sections.

  • Search – Voice & IM Broadcast can be searched by name and Type.
  • Voice &  IM  Broadcast  List – This section lists out the Voice & IM Broadcast that have been created till date.

Adding a Voice & IM Broadcast

To add a new Voice & IM Broadcast, click on the ‘Add Broadcast’ button above the grid. It will open a form as shown below.

Type – Select Broadcast Type. (i.e VOICE or TEXT)

Prompt – Select the Prompt which will be played when selected extension answer call.

Message – Enter a Message which will be sent to the extension.

Caller ID – Caller ID that will be displayed when call or message sent to the extension.

Extension – Select the extensions.

Note :- Voicemail & IM Broadcast service is available only when user have license for the same.

 Editing a Voice & IM Broadcast

To edit voice & IM Broadcast, click on blue icon beside that particular broadcast. Make the required changes and click on update to save the changes.

 Deleting a Voice & IM Broadcast

To delete a particular Voice & IM Broadcast, click the little red icon for that Voice & IM Broadcast in the grid. It will   delete the Voice & IM Broadcast.