Users Role

Role Page enlist the Roles already created and also hold the search functionality by name of the role. You can also export the list of the Role in a file using the Export button beside the search.

The buttons shown in front of all the roles , are used to edit and delete the roles.

Adding the New Role –

When you click on the Add New button , it will redirect you to Role creation page.

The process to create the Roles is divided in 2 stages. in 1st stage , you need to give role .

name and its description as shown in the example here.

In the stage 2 , you need to select the pages, to which the role will have the privilege to access from the list shown in.You need to click in the checkBox shown in front of the page/feature name.

Click on the create and It will generate a new Role , which can be seen in the list now.