Time Condition

This page lists out the Time Condition that have been created till date. These Time Conditions will be assigned to DID/CID in the DID/CID update page.

The page it divided into two sections.

  • Search- It is for searching the Time condition by name.

Time condition List- This section lists out the Time condition that have been created till date.     

Adding a Time Condition –

If a new Time Condition has to be added, click on the ‘Add Time Condition button above the grid. It will open a popup as below. Fill in the details and click on ‘Submit’ to add the new Time Condition.

Editing a Time Condition –

If a Time Condition needs to be edited, click on the little blue icon beside particular time condition. Make the required changes and click on the update button.

Deleting a Time Condition –

If a particular Time condition has to be deleted, click the little red icon for that Time condition in the grid. It will delete the Time condition.