SMS Routing

This page shows Routing of SMS Number. Tenant can map SMS numbers with extension using this page.

Adding SMS Routing –

To add SMS Routing, click on the “Map Extension” button above the grid. It will open a create form as shown below.

Number – Select SMS Number.

SMS Synchronization – If enabled, then SMS history sync between two extension.(Whenever any incoming SMS Comes, will be displayed in both extension login and if any one of then reply, then it will be sync in both extension.)

Extension Selection – Select the extension on which SMS received from selected number.

Updating Map Extension –

To update Map extension, click on the little blue icon beside that particular mapping. It will open an update form as shown below. Update the related changes and click on the update button otherwise click on the cancel button.




Deleting SMS Routing –

To Delete SMS Routing, click on the little red icon beside that particular sms routing.