Rule Group

Rule group is creating for outgoing rules.User will give name of group and add one or more outgoing rule under it. There will be an option to enable-disable/deactivate this group. User can disable it, only if this group is not mapped with any extension.

It is the binding of various rules and that will be assigned to Extension.

Note :- For one outgoing rule you can create lots of rule group but in one rule group you can not assign outgoing rule which has same rule pattern.

This section is divided into 2 parts –

  • Search : It provides the facility to search the rule group by rule group name and status(enable/disable).
  • Rule Group : This section lists out the rule group which are created by admin till date.

 Add Rule Group

To add rule group,click on “add rule group” button.It will open a create form as shown below.Name and outgoing   rules are mandatory fields for rule group creation.

Name Name of the rule group.

Outgoing Rules Assign outgoing rule from outgoing rule created list.

Status : This shows the status of rule group that is being created. If it is ON, it means that the rule group is active, if not then it’s deactivated.

Fill in the name and outgoing rule then click on “Create”.

Editing a Rule Group –

If the Rule Group needs to be an edit, click on the small blue icon which is in the first column of the grid. The update form is the same as the create form.

Deleting a Rule Group –

If a Rule has to be deleted, click on the little red icon. It is in the first column of the grid.If that particular rule group is assigned to any extension, you can not delete that rule group.