Ring Group

This page lists out the ring group for extensions.A ring group is a group of extensions and external numbers that would be called when the extension assigned to it is called.

The page is divided into two sections.

  • Search – Ring groups can be searched by name, extension and Type.
  • Ring Group List – This section lists out the ring groups that have been created till date.

   Adding a ring group-

To add a new ring group, click on the ‘Add Ring Group’ button above the grid. It will open a create form as shown below.




Extension This is the main extensions that will be dialed to call the ring group.

Type This field specifies the pattern in which the extensions in the ring group will ring. It could be either ‘Simultaneous’ or ‘Sequential’. In Simultaneous, all the extensions start ringing at once, and when one picks it up, all other extension stop ringing. And in sequential, all the extensions ring one by one.

MOH(Music On Hold) The file selected here will be played as the music, when a caller is waiting in the queue to talk to an agent.

Information Prompt – The file selected here will be played as information prompt before call forwards to the Ring group.

Timeout If the caller is in a ring group for more that what is specified in the timeout then the call is dropped automatically.

On Fail Activity If this option is enabled then call can be forwarded to Another Extension, Queue, Ring-Group, Voicemail etc when call is not answered.

On Fail Activity Type Select the activity where you want to forward your call i.e Extension, IVR, Ring-Group etc.

On Fail Activity Number Specify the extension number for selected activity type.

Call Features We can disable or enable the call features. like e.g. call pickup, transfer, park and recording.

Display Name in Caller ID When the call came in the group and then goes outside the group, it will take the name in the caller ID as its ring group’s name. So the call can be identified in the other end and distinguished from normal other calls. Like if the call is forwarded in the fail activity , than receiver will see the display name in its caller ID.

Extensions/External Numbers Enter the extensions and external number that belong to the ring group. External number length should be minimum 6 digits and maximum 15 digits and duplicate numbers are not allowed.

Call Confirm If Enabled this switch for ring group after pickup the call, ring group extensions will hear a prompt for receive the call or hang up the call.

Send missed call notification – If Enabled, Missed call notification will be sent if ring group call is missed.

Email – Define email ID to receive missed call notification.

Editing a ring group –

To edit the details of a particular ring group, click the little blue icon for that ring group in the grid. It will open an update form which is the same as create form.

Deleting a ring group –

To delete a particular ring group, click the little red icon for that ring group in the grid. It will delete the ring group.