This page lists out the Plugins that are created by the Tenant.

By Clicking on the little yellow icon, tenant can copy plugin code and that Plugin code will be added into the Website from where Customers have Click2Call facility directly from the website.

Adding Plugin –

To add a new plugin, click on “Add plugin” button on the page. It will open a create form.

Name – Enter the name of Plugin.

Default Action Name – Enter the Name of Default Action.

Default Action Type   – Select the Default Action Type (i.e Extension, Queue etc.).

Default Action Value – Select Default Action value based on the Action type.  Call Type – Select Call type (i.e BOTH, Callback or WebRTC)

Display Delay Time (Sec) – Enter display delay time, after which plugin will be displayed in the website.

Default State – Select Default State. I.e Minimize or Maximize.  Destination – Enter Destination for which you want to enable OTP.

OTP   Verification   –    Enable/disable     OTP    Verification     for    the    selected destination.

Editing Plugin –

 To edit the plugin, click on the little blue button beside that particular plugin on the page. It will open a form the same as create, make required changes and click on update to save the changes.

Deleting Plugin –

 To delete the plugin, click on the red button beside that particular plugin.