This is a list of all the playbacks, depicting which playback would be played for a particular extension. The playback files are selected from the prompt list of the tenant. File will be played in extension’s language. If playback extension is called externally, then it will be played in default language which is English. If it is called from IVR, then file will be played in IVR’s language.

The page it divided into two sections.

  • Search – Playbacks can be searched by name and extension.
  • Playback – This section lists out the playbacks that have been created till date.

                Adding a playback –

To add a new playback, click on the ‘Add Playback Extension’ button above the grid. It will open a pop up                      form as shown below.

                  Editing a playback –

To edit any particular field of a playback, you can edit it inline by clicking on that field it will open a pop                        up, make the required changes and click on the check mark button to save the changes. For example, the                        snapshot shown below shows how to edit the playback file.

                  Deleting a playback –

To delete a particular playback, click the little red icon for that playback in the grid. It will delete the                               playback.