This page lists out all the plans that would be available for extensions of that particular tenant. A plan describes what call features are available for the extension, and which are not.  The page is divided into two sections.

  • Search – It is for searching the plans by name.
  • Plan List – This section lists out the plans that have been created till date.


Adding a plan –

If a new plan has to be added, click on the ‘Add Plan’ button above the grid. It will open the create form. Enable the features that are needed in the plan and click on ‘Create’.


Editing a Plan –

If the details of a particular plan needs to be edited, click the little blue icon for that plan in the grid. It will open an update form which is the same as create form.


Deleting a Plan –

If  a  particular  plan  needs to be deleted, click the little red icon for that particular plan in the grid. It will delete the plan.