Phone book

Phone book will list all the contacts added in that particular tenant. Numbers added in the tenant will automatically get listed in all its extensions.

The page it divided into three sections.

  • Search – It is for searching the extensions by phone number and display name.
  • Import Numbers – Click on “Add file” button to select a file to After the file is selected, click on “Import Numbers” to import the file. It will display in a flash message how many numbers from the file were added and how many of them were faulty numbers.

To download a sample file, click on “Download Sample File”.

  • Phone book – This section lists out the entries that have been created till date.

  Adding a phone book entry –

To add a new entry to phone book, click on the ‘Add Number’ button above the grid. It will open a create form as shown below.

Fill in the required details and click on ‘Create’ to submit a new phone book entry.



           Editing a phonebook entry –

To edit an entry, click the little blue icon for that entry in the grid. It will open an update form which is the same          as create form.

     Deleting a phonebook entry

To delete an entry, click the little red icon for that entry in the grid. It will delete the entry.