It is use to manage pages. Paging service can broadcast message to added extensions using Simplex Channel from caller to callee.


Simplex channels , lets the caller to send his audio on the channel but the callee can not any data on it.

It is one way audio from caller to callee. So this can be used as emergency announcements.

Hence, call will only be terminated by originator (caller), also callee will not be able to speak to the caller as it’s a simplex channel.

On  Clicking  “Add  Page”  Button, new page can be created with below mentioned menu.

  • Name Name of Page, This is a mandatory field.
  • Extension This is the main extensions that will be dialed to call the page Extensions.
  • Extensions Select  Extensions  of  the  PBX  which will be part of broadcast list. These are the members who will be called when the page is dialed.
  • Pin It’s an optional field, if selected then caller have to enter correct pin in order to process the call.

If you want to put extra security , you can add the security PIN so only authorized people can use page.

  • Two way Communication   –    If    enabled,    then    two    people   can communicate with each other.