My Services

This Feature lists all the services and its details assigned to the tenant. Using this info tenant admin can check his current , past and future services.

Also this feature enables the tenant to ask for the new services from the platform Admin when needed.

Service column here, contains the name of the services assigned to tenant.

Service Count is the total / maximum numbers of the service which can be utilized by the tenant.

Service Rate is the rate of the single count of the service.(If the service is unlimited , than the rate is for the whole.)

Start date and End date of the service.

Total is stating the total charges for the services. There are 4 tabs on the top of the page.

As the name suggests they list the Past , future and Current details of the services assigned.

Service request tab contains all the request raised for the updation of the service count by the Tenant admin to       Platform admin.

Raising Service request :

When the tenant wants to add any services or to update the tenant service counts, He can raise a request to admin.

For that , click on the Request Service.


       Service name :

Select the service that you want to update.

       Count :

Add the updated count that you want to be effective. Remember , here you need to add the desired new service count.



E.g. If you have 100 extension for now and you want to have 10 more.

Than you should request the service count for 110 here.

Rate :   

It will show the rate of the service.(Rate cannot be changed while request service)

Start Date :

You can select the start date here. On this date the service will be effective after the Platform admin accepts the request.

Note :- Postpaid tenant, Request service Start date must be the next date after the current day.

Note :- Prepaid tenant can request new service or increase existing service in between bill cycle by making service requests and doing relevant payment.

After request services, if auto assign service is on in tenant then it will assign that service to the tenant otherwise admin need to approve that request.

After request approved by admin then tenant/admin can make payment for that particular amount by clicking “payment due”.

When click on “payment due” then display this page to pay the amount for the same.

Note :- Service charge will be counted based on the service start date/approval date(whichever is greater) to the next Bill generation date.

Once payment made successful, Tenant user will get Email for payment success receipt as seen in below image.