This page lists all the invoices that have been generated till date for the tenant. This page is available only is ‘Payment’ option is activated for the tenant.

It’s divided into two parts as follows-

  • Search- It helps to search through the list of invoices by invoice ID, tenant name, from – that is the time interval for the invoice date and status of the invoice.
  • Invoice List- This list displays all the If the payment has been made by a tenant then the field ‘Payment Details’ will display the transaction ID. If it is paid by admin it will display ‘Paid By Admin’.

You can search the data from the Archived invoices as well.

  Making payment for an invoice –

If an invoice has the status ‘unpaid’, payment can be made using this page. When a bill will be unpaid, the status column in the grid will provide a link to the following page through which payment can be made.

All fields except remark are disabled. Enter the remark and click on next. It will go to the screen for step-2.

It will display the total amount to be paid.

Click on ‘Back’ to return to the last step if any changes required. Click on ‘Pay Now’, which will redirect to the payment portal.

By clicking on the plus sign tenant user can see the details of payment like payment date, amount and remark.