Feedback IVR

This page lists out all the Feedback IVRs.


The page is divided into two sections.

  • Search – Feedback IVRs can be searched by name, extension and language.
  • Feedback IVR List – This section lists out the IVRs that have been created till date.

              Adding an IVR

             To add a new Feedback IVR, click on the ‘Add Feedback IVR’ button above the grid. It will                        open a create form as shown below.

Apart from the self-explanatory fields, the other fields are as follows-

  • Welcome prompt This prompt will be played first when a person enters the Feedback
  • Repeat prompt When a person is asked to enter a digit and he fails to do so within some time then the repeat prompt will be played, which will be the prompt same as before, asking for input from the caller.
  • Invalid prompt This prompt is played when the digits entered by the caller is invalid.
  • Timeout Prompt If there is no response from the caller within this time then the Feedback IVR asks for input The timeout would be in milliseconds.
  • Exit prompt This prompt is played when a caller exits the Feedback IVR.
  • Language This sets the language for the Feedback IVR.
  • Digit Timeout(Sec) Number of seconds during which caller needs to select Feedback IVR options after that Timeout prompt will be played.
  • Inter-Digit Timeout(Sec) If Direct Extension Call is enabled then number of seconds during which the caller needs to enter the Extension If caller fails to enter number during specified time duration then whatever number he has entered will be dialed.
  • Max Timeout Try If the caller fails to input anything in given Tries, then call will be forwarded as per Max Timeout Try Action.

Note : If max timeout destination is set then call be forwarded to timeout destination on first timeout. It will not consider the number of timeout retries in this case but it will when timeout destination is not set.

  • Max Invalid Try Maximum number of invalid try, if caller enters invalid input after specified number of tries call will be forwarded as per the Invalid Destination configuration.
  • IVR DIGIT length This is the length of the digits assigned for the menu options like for example “press 1 for option one , press 2 for option two , press 19 for option 19” , where 1, 2 , 19 are the IVR digits length.

When an Feedback IVR is successfully added, the page will be redirected to it’s configuration page.

Settings for Feedback IVR –

The first part of this form is the same as create form for Feedback IVR. The prompts , max try , and timeout can be edited from here. IVR Name, Extension name and Language cannot be edited.

The section below that is for setting the actions for each digit.

  • Select an action from the drop-down.
  • Select the  appropriate  Value  for that action from the drop-down in ‘Value’ column.


The different actions that could be selected are as follows-

  • No action As the name suggests, it won’t perform any action.
  • Playback extension – The call will be lined in the Playback that will be selected from the drop-down in ‘Value’ column.