This page lists all the Fax destinations that have been created. This Fax destinations can be assigned to DID destinations so, if any fax comes to that DID corresponded email id will receive a fax. Multiple email Ids can be assigned to single extension.

The page it divided into two sections.

Search – It is for searching the Fax by name.

Fax List – This section lists out the Fax that have been created till date.


                    Adding a fax –

                   To add a new Fax, click on the ‘Add Fax’ button above the grid. A popup will open, just fill up the details                        and click on ‘Create’.


If Fax Failure Email switch is on, then mail will be received for the Failed Fax else not.

          Editing a fax –

To edit a fax, click on the editable field in the grid itself that has to be edited. Make the required changes and                click on the checkmark button to save the changes.

             Deleting a fax –

To delete a fax, click the little red icon for that fax in the grid. It will delete the fax.