DISA (Direct Inward System Access)

An external caller can access hodupbx features on certain CO lines by keying in a special code.

The PBX answers the incoming call and ask to enter the Extension number and Feature code pin, after the successful verification, caller will get Dial tone to dial the Number.

The basic idea behind this DISA /Call-Through solution is enabling authorized corporate users outside the office to make calls using the organization’s special low tariffs, and to capitalize on the direct connection to the different operators.

                  Adding DISA

To Add DISA Please Click on “Add DISA” button on the top-right side of the window.

By clicking Add DISA, above menu will be pop-out. DISA Name, Extension & Language options will be asked.

On clicking the Create button on downside of new screen DISA will be added.

 Editing DISA

To edit any particular field of a DISA, you can edit it inline by clicking on that field it will open a pop up, make the     required changes and click on the check mark button to save the changes. For example, the snapshot shown below   shows how to edit the DISA.

   Deleting DISA

To delete DISA simply click on the delete icon on DISA menu. It will remove DISA from the system.