DID (Direct Inward Dialing)

Direct Inward Dialing (DIDs) are the  numbers  which  are  used  to access HoduPBX platform externally. DIDs can be added and deleted only by the admin. Tenant cannot edit a DID number, it can only edit the other configurations. Admin can edit all the configurations.

Tenant Admin can Add the DID if he has number of unused service count for DID service in service details from this page.

Means if you have 10 service count for DID and you are currently only using 5 then there would be 5 more DIDs can be added from this page.

You can Add the DID by clicking on the ADD button on the top Right of the page. For deleting the DID simply use the Delete icon before the DID row.

For more detailed steps to add the DID please refer followed details.

Map DID – A .csv file can be imported with a list of DID number with default destination and destination value by using this section.

When clicked on “Add file”, it will open a dialog box for choosing the file that has to be uploaded. When it is uploaded, click on “Map DID”. It will display a message saying how many DIDs were successfully mapped and how many of them were faulty numbers. A sample file can also be downloaded to know the format of .csv file which needs to be uploaded.

Add DID –

When you click on the ADD DID button , below screen will open.

This Screen Enlist the DIDs with their respective type.



This is the drop down list of the DID type you have access to.

You can refer to the Service details for the info which DID types are assigned to your account.

Once you select the DID type here, the List of the available DIDs on the PBX admin side will be shown.


This is the list of the DIDs available for the selected DID type on the PBX admin side.

You can select DID from the list and add to right side box by clicking on the RIGHT ARROW icon.

The right side box is the DID Assignation for Tenant.

Once you click on the CREATE button, the DID will be added in your system.

Now to route that DID as per your call routing flow , you can click on the Edit button just before the DID name in the list of the DID list.

Tenant user can see the Sell Rate plan for Each DIDs.

The page is divided into two parts as shown in the snapshot above –

  • Search- It is for searching among the list of DIDs by Number and Destination.
  • DID List- This section lists all the Also if a particular field has to be edited, click on it and a popup will open, make the required changes there.

In Tenant login, DID number cannot Edited. Other Configuration can Edited. Description field is self-explanatory.

The other two fields are :-

  • Number DID
  • Destination This field says what will be the destination of a call when a person dials that particular DID. For example, if a call has to be diverted to any/another/a particular extension when someone dials the DID number, select Extension in destination field and select the extension number to whom the call will be redirected in adjacent field named


‘Extension’.  The same is the case with other destinations. Possible selection in destination is as follows

  • Extension
  • Conference
  • IVR
  • Queue
  • Ring-Group
  • Playback
  • FAX
  • URI
  • External
  • Voicemail
  • Paging
  • DISA
  • Feature


  • Extension Extension number which is mapped with this It could be Queue Extension, Ring Group Extension, IVR Extension, Conference Extension, DISA, Feature etc.
  • Recording If you want to record calls of this DID.

If you select destination as URI, you’ll see the options like below image for setting up external call URI.

When you select destination as External you’ll see the options to configure External number, External Caller Id Number and Recording like below image.

Editing DID

To edit the Configuration of any DID, Click in little blue icon beside particular DID, it open the update DID page where user can make changes and save.

 Copy DID Configuration :

To Copy the Configuration of any DID, Click on Copy DID Configuration, it open the Copy DID Configuration page   where user can make changes and save.

Copy From DID Select the DID whose Configuration will be copied to the selected DIDs.

Copy To DID(s) – Select the DIDs to copy the configuration.

Inbound Rules :

This Rules are the time based rules, If you have created any time conditions, than you can select that time condition here and route accordingly.

Also user can change the priority for the inbound rule by Drag and Drop.

Priority Extension – Enter the priority extension code, that will be configured in key value in IP Phone to change priority by pressing that particular key.

Force change priority – If Enabled, then only priority will be changed.