CID (Caller ID)based Routing

This feature is specifically handles call routing on the basis of the caller’s ID it carrying with it.

In simple words , using this feature you can route the calls of the specific numbers to specific routing rules. System Identifies the caller by its Caller ID and matches it with the CID routing and does the routing accordingly.

Import CID A .csv file can be imported with a list of CID number with default destination and destination value by using this section.

When clicked on “Add file”, it will open a dialog box for choosing the file that has to be uploaded. When it is uploaded, click on “Import CID”. It will display a message saying how many CIDs were successfully mapped and how many of them were faulty numbers. A sample file can also be downloaded to know the format of .csv file which needs to be uploaded.

Click on the ADD button for adding a new entry.

Caller Number – You need to enter the caller’s number here, for whom you want to route the call.

DID –  Select the DID from which the call is coming. If you have selected ANY, than no matter call comes on which DID it will follow the CID routing. If you have selected any specific DIDs , than the CID based routing will be only applied to those calls which comes on those DIDs, all other calls will be treated as a normal call.

Destination – You can select any destination From the drop down list shown there.

Extension : Select the extension accordingly.

Click submit and that is it. You can edit the CID entry from the CID page EDIT button later on.

Also you can add the time based rule for the CID routing as well.

Inbound Rules :


This Rules are the time based rules, If you have created any time conditions, than you can select that time condition here and route accordingly.

Also user can change the priority for the inbound rule by Drag and Drop.

Note :- Here, CID Routing Will get Priority Over DID Routing, if Same number is added in Both.