Blacklist Number

This page lists out the numbers that are blacklisted. The numbers listed here will not be able to contact the extensions of this tenant. The constraints on calling will be decided by the ‘Type’ as explained further. This page is divided into three parts.


  • Search- Blacklisted numbers can be searched by number and
  • Import Numbers- A .csv file can be imported with a list of blacklisted numbers by using this When “Add File” is clicked, it will open a dialog box for choosing the file to be uploaded. When it is uploaded, click on “Import Numbers”. It will display a message saying how many numbers were successfully added and how many of them were faulty numbers. A sample file can also be downloaded to know the format of .csv file.
  • Blacklist- This list displays all the blacklisted numbers.

Adding a blacklisted number –

 Click on     ‘Add Blacklist Number’ . It will open a popup as below. Fill in the details and click on ‘Create’.

The use of ‘Type’ field, as explained above, is as follows –

Type There are 3 types.

  • ‘IN’ means that incoming calls from that number will be
  • ‘OUT’ means outgoing calls to that number will be
  • ‘BOTH’ means both incoming and outgoing calls from and to that number will be blocked.

***Make sure the caller number exactly match with the number coming from the ISP. For example some provider send caller ID with + and some don’t. So make sure this kind of variations.

Editing a blacklisted number

To edit a field, click on it. It will open a popup to edit the content. Click on the tick mark button to save it, or on the cross button to cancel the changes.

Deleting a blacklisted number

To delete a particular number, click the little red icon for that number in the grid. It will delete the number.