Access Restriction

To Restrict Tenant, Tenant user and it’s extension to Login through specific IP, Tenant need to add those IPs and need to enable restriction.

Adding Access Restriction

To add Access Restriction, click on “Add Access Restriction” button which will open a form like below. Add IP, Mask-bit, Description, Select Access Type and click on create button.

The fields in the form are as follows –

IP – Enter the IP Address.

Restriction Type – Select the restriction type (i.e Web, Both or Registration)

Access Type – Select the Access Type (i,e Tenant, user or Extension)

Editing Access Restriction –

To Edit Access Restriction, click on the little blue icon beside that particular IP, which will open update form like below. Make the required changes and click on the update button.

Deleting Access Restriction

To delete Access Restriction, click on the little red button in the first column of that IP.