To edit the profile of the tenant, click on the drop-down on the rightmost top corner of the page. It will open a small menu. Select ‘Profile’.

If the customization options for tenant would be enabled, then the profile will be divided into three parts- ‘Tenant Profile’, ‘Low Balance Notification’ and ‘About Tenant’. If the option is disabled, there will be no about us section.

Tenant profile – This part is for editing the details of the tenant profile.

  • Default language : This will give an option to select one of the two languages as the default option, the one in which the portal will open by default.
  • Timezone : This is the default Timezone in which the Time will be shown in portal when user logs in.
  • Default Dashboard : This will give an option to select default dashboard, the same dashboard will be displayed by default when admin logs in.
  • Invoice Recipient Email(s) – Enter multiple Email ID on which Invoice mail will be sent.

SLA Configuration –

Tenant can enable SLA from their profile. After enabling SLA, Tenant can set the Warning and critical value for the Related attributes and Colors for the same.

Tenant can enable/disable SLA for the Particular attributes (ACD, ASR and registration).

When Warning and critical level reach for any SLA Attributes then, Color will be highlighted in the Account status dashboard and Mail will be sent to the Tenant Email ID.

SMS Call Notification

  • SMS Call Notification – Tenant user can Enable SMS Call Notification from
  • Notification Call Type – Notification Call Type can be selected from here as Inbound, Outbound or BOTH.

Call Settings

  • External call Ring type – When Extension dial external call, then which ring type will be used to select from here.
  1. NORMAL RINGTONE ONLY – Normal Hodupbx Ringtone will be played when extension dial external call.
  2. EARLY MEDIA OF PROVIDER – Provider Ringtone will be played when extension dial external call.
  3. PLAY RINGTONE UNTIL EARLY MEDIA – Normal Hodupbx Ringtone will be played until provider plays the ringtone.
  • External Caller ID Number Caller ID to be displayed to callee when making outbound calls.

Note : This option will only be available if the Admin has enabled it for this Tenant. If the Admin has enabled “DID” then only the DID which are available for this Tenant can be set as Caller ID Number, If the Admin has enabled “Any” then any number can be set as Caller ID Number.

This Caller ID is having second priority if this option is not set in Extension Settings then this caller ID will be set.

  • API Token API token to use Tenant API.
  • Callback URL- Callback URL for this If API access is enabled for this tenant then callback URL field will visible to tenant profile.
  • Maximum Fax Tries – Enter the Count for the fax tries.
  • Fax Tries Pause interval – Enter the value for the fax tries pause.
  • Original CallerID on Transfer – If enabled, original caller ID will be sent when transfer is done.
  • Original CallerID on forward – If enabled, original caller ID will be sent when forward is done.

Tenant Address

Tenant user can add the address information from his own.

Tenant Custom details

Tenant user can add/update the custom details from his own.

Low Balance Notification This part is for viewing the low balance notifications. These settings are applied to all the extensions this tenant. The different settings are as follows –

  • Mail Alert- Displays whether the mail notifications will be enabled or not.
  • Current Balance– Displays the current balance of the tenant.
  • Alert Balance- The balance at which the notifications will be sent.
  • Call Alert- If the call alert is ‘Off’, no file will be played to alert about the low If it is ‘All’, the alert file will be played before the extension places any call whether it is internal or external. If ‘External’ is selected, then the file is played only when the extension makes an outbound call.

About Tenant This part is for adding a logo and description of the tenant. The logo and description entered here will be displayed in all the extensions’ ‘about us’ that belong to this tenant.