Auto Attendant Form

    Use this worksheet to outline how you would like your inbound calls to be directed when they reach the Auto Attendant. Then use the online
    Account Manager to create your Auto Attendant.

    Normal Business Hours


    Business Hours Rules and Greeting
    How would you like incoming calls to be directed during business hours?
    Your Business Hours rules/greetings will be played during your normal business hours. Each menu can use numbers 0 through 9, with 0 normally
    reserved for a live receptionist.

    Business Hours Greeting Example:
    Thank you for calling Acme Corporation. For Technical
    Support, press 1; For Sales, press 2; For Finance, press
    3; To Dial by Name press 4; For the Corporate Directory,
    press 5 or to speak with the Operator, press 0.
    Enter your script here: